A little bit about us

Welcome Besties!

Our names are Stacie and Sophie, we have been best friends for the good part of 20 years. We are full of positive vibes and wild ways to help deal with life to get through the rough days!

A little bit about us...
We are both mums with 2 boys each, with them we run very chaotic lives while also working fulltime. Sometimes we keep things cool and serve 3 course meals although we also served up chicken nuggets with a side of sauce and called it vegetables (Don't try and tell us you haven't done the same).

On this note, we have decided to start a business together to spread our positive views and relatable content with the world.

We are not fancy or experienced bloggers;  we are as new to this blog as you are and we are on a mission to inspire and support as many likeminded besties as we can.

If this sounds like you, drop us message in the contact section and say hi.





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